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Central Interceptor

A super-sized tunnel that will reduce wastewater overflows into central Auckland waterways.

Project Milestone

Our micro-Tunnel Boring Machine, Victoria, just aced her first 215m drive in Keith Hay Park's brand-new Branch 9B sewer! Starting in a trench seven meters ground, she bore on a gentle slope to finish 10m deep at the drive's end. The sewer links Mount Roskill's existing network to the Central Interceptor main tunnel, reducing discharges into Oakley Creek and setting the stage for future developments. She is now gearing up to head north along Keith Hay Park.

Where’s the Discovery Centre?

The Discovery Centre has a fun virtual reality experience, digital and outdoor games and a movie ride as well as lots of project information. Check out the list below of where it will be.


  • Thurs 21: Manawa Christmas Market, Westgate

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