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Membership Benefits

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

  • IESL recently has obtained Washington Accord full signatory status, and extended its membership in the International Professional Engineer's Agreement (IPEA). Therefore, after being admitted to the register of Int.PE maintained by IESL would be given the same recognition as any one of those in the member countries (New Zealand is a member country). Hence, IESL NZ members would have increased mobility and enhanced image. Refer -

  • Persons who take up membership with IESL NZ would become IESL members too ( if you are already not one) and hence could directly work in Sri Lanka, if they wish to go back and work.

  • It will open up opportunities for international Engineering consultancies and projects. 

  • Young New Zealand Sri Lankan Engineers or even otherwise could add to their portfolio of memberships by taking up membership with IESL NZ. 

  • IESL NZ would provide a forum for discussion and dissemination of information/ ideas of interest to Engineers, and particularly about Engineering projects in Sri Lanka. It will provide a forum for exchange of ideas with parent body IESL.

  • IESL NZ Could be a forum for greater interaction between Sri Lankan Engineers and IPENZ.

  • IESL NZ would provide a forum for fostering and developing links and fellowship for its members.  IESL NZ would provide assistance to Eng.

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